Journal Office of Construction Technology

The Journal Office is mainly composed of following departments: Editorial Department, Business Development Department, and Technical Service Department.

Tel: 010-57368788 (Zhang Kewen, General Chief),

010-57368836 (Mei Yang, Editor-in-Chief)

010-57368789, 57368790 (Editorial Department)

010-68300059, 68330203, 68333804 (Advertising & Council)

010-68300059 (Sci-Tech Novelty Retrieval Service)

010-68341147 (Subscription)

010-68312596 (Technical Service Department)

Fax: 010-68300061

Add: Floor 4, Block A, No. 36, Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100120, China


Secretariat of Building Waterproofing Branch, China Construction Industry Association

Tel: 010-68312596

Secretariat of Engineering Construction Academic Committee, the Architectural Society of China

Tel: 010-68330203