Please read the guidelines in this page carefully before submission, and please note that, authors are required to fill in and submit the following documents when submission:

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Submission Guideline


1. Scope

Construction Technology welcomes manuscripts on following research areas: ① Domestic polices and technical regulations related to construction industry; ② Significant research and project achievement in construction technology; ③ Novel systems, technologies, techniques, materials, machinery and equipment in construction field; ④ Construction management experience; ⑤ Advanced construction technologies and their development trend around the world; ⑥ Research findings of national or provincial scientific research projects.

We especially focus on following research areas: design and construction integration, building industrialization, intelligent construction, building structure, construction informatization, engineering testing and reinforcement, urban renewal, building energy conservation, green building, green construction, prefabricated construction, projects on the Belt and Road Initiative, etc.

OA Policy


1. Open Access Statement

Construction Technology is an open access journal. All articles published in this journal will be immediately and permanently free for all readers to read and download, and all readers can freely copy, disseminate, and use the articles of this journal under the premise of abiding by the licensing policy of the journal (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Publishing Ethics


Construction Technology follows internationally recognized publication ethical standards. According to the relevant guidelines published by the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) and combined with the actual situation of the journal, we have formulated the ethical standards for the publication of the journal:

1. Duty of Authors

1) Authors have the duty to ensure the originality of their manuscripts, and ensure that research results of other researchers used in the manuscripts are properly cited and marked, and the manuscripts do not involve plagiarism, data falsification, multiple submissions, redundant publication, confidential information, etc.